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- - - - -  WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW  - - - -
Text Box: Text Box: The Langhorne Coffee House is definitely the best.
The greatest coffee.  Far above all the rest.

I walk 2 miles to the Langhorne Coffee House almost every day. 
Not just for the coffee but to hear what Jen, Meg, Sofia
and Granddaughter Holly have to say.

I not only get the best coffee when I go there.
I get the very best service because they all really care.

Tim is the boss and does whatever it takes.
Making sure that all is perfect and there is no mistakes.

After your first time at the LCH you will always come back.
For Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch or even a snack.

With the COVID -19 virus and all the good and bad news.
Itís a big help to walk to the LCH to relax my mind, enjoy 
my coffee, be with good friends and not have the blues.

To all at the Langhorne Coffee House you are like family you see. 
Every day that I can be with you is a treasure for me.

Frank W. Ford  

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